onsdag 20. november 2013

Ti tilfeldige fakta om meg

Min Fjasbokvenn Ray Monk la ut ti tilfeldige fakta om seg selv på Fjasboka, og inspirert av det lurte jeg på om jeg kunne hoste opp ti noenlunde interessante fakta om en middelaldrende og kjedelig gubbe - meg. Her er resultatet, in English.

10 Random Facts About Me.

1. My paternal grandmother died in 1919. My father was less than four at the time, and my mother not yet born. Cause of death was tuberculosis - but most of the population had already been weakened by the Spanish Flu.

 2. I spent the summers in my late teens and early twenties digging graves - by hand, with a shovel. My record was one grave, on my own, in 45 minutes. That was the summer I split the sleeve of my shirt with my biceps. (Not that many people died, of course, so most of the time I mowed the lawn.)

 3. In 1994 I managed to find the family of my maternal grandfather. My mother only knew his name. It was a special occasion when she saw a picture of her father for the first time. He had completely disappeared. Nobody knows anything about him after about 1920.

 4. I was a fairly lazy boy (yes, even then), but I was level with the best running 60 metres, and best by a good stretch in the standing long jump. I put that down to nature, certainly not nurture.

 5. I learnt to swim aged 29 - around the time of my PhD. I was terrified of the water, and consider this a much greater achievement than the academic qualification.

 6. My school report for third grade says "Ole Martin is well above average in maths and reading. Those subjects are much easier for him than spelling."

 7. My Y-chromosome is R1a1 - M17. The western Indo-European version. I logged my STR-markers into an international database and got my nearest Y-chromosome relatives as dots on the map. They were in Lithuania and Romania.

 8. I was on the national council of Socialist Youth in the late 70s/early 80s.

 9. 1999-2003 I was county councilor for Høyre, Norway's concervative party.

 10. In 1971, aged 9, I survived meningitis.

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